Werk: I Wrote a Book

Four months and only one update? WTF, right? Well, to be honest I've been really busy with work and stuff. I do have a full time job. Also, for the past few months my limited free time has been completely swallowed by an exciting project: A Book. Not just any book, but THE book. The Great Book of BASE.

Voila, I wrote a book. As I type this, it is being slowly transformed from a pdf file into a real live paper-filled book in Hong Kong. By the end of July I'll be shipping these out to you and all of our friends. I really want you to have one... I want you to buy one, in fact. And I'm confident that if you do buy one, it will live up to all of your fantastic expectations. The Great Book of BASE contains loads of information, funny stories, splendid photos, and it even has an index which you can use to find certain topics. An INDEX, that's how seriously serious this book is.

You can now purchase this magnificent tome at www.base-book.com using your trusty old PayPal account or a major Credit Card. You can also join us on Facebook and check out some sample pages.

Visit the BASE-book site to order now: www.base-book.com