Men on Wire

By chance, I made a friend on the internet, and my new internet friend invited me to a BASE jumping event in Eastern Turkey. I checked out a map and realized that this event was going to be held on the Euphrates River, in Mesopotamia - that excited me, and I instantly accepted the invitation and convinced Mike Steen to come.

Of the many fully-sponsored BASE, Paragliding, and Speed Flying events that I have been to around the world, this was by far one of the best. Excellent organization from a friendly and caring staff, and no bullshit parades or the "use athletes to increase face and make big-man" tactics that can be so tiring (Turkey is clearly far more "western" than Asia in that respect). They trusted us to put on a good show, left us to it, and I think we did a good job. I'd like to send out a truly heartfelt thanks to Arif and all of the locals who worked to make it happen. I hope to return to this place again one day.