Recently my friend, the film maker Bertrand De La Pierre, called me up to ask if it would be possible to wingsuit from a cliff at night. "Sure, why not?" I said. Bertrand was instantly fired up, and even more so when I told him I could find someone to fly with me at the same time as well.

It wasn't hard to find someone who would be willing to come along on the mission and not only do it right, but do it well - I just called up my friend Ren and asked him if he'd be into a little night wingsuit cliff jumping, with huge LED spotlights on our heads. His answer was quick, and the same as mine: "Sure, why not?" That's why we get along so well, I like it when my friends say yes - I'm only human. Ren snapped all of these photos and the film is from Bertrand. As for this video, don't ask me why he only used a couple of seconds of our jumps, since it was clearly the best part, eh?

These photos are all Copyright Ren Huschle 2009 and may not be used for any reason without his permission.
Special thanks to Ren for the excellent photo work.

Shortly after exit, not yet in full flight.

Still starting slowly, so as to stay close to Ren.

And flying, mostly.

The tram station and our landing zone, to the left of the lights. In that dark spot...